Night Clubs in Berlin

Night Clubs

When the northern hemisphere starts to experience the winter climate, the northernmost countries settle in darkness. The nights remain long than in any other season. Germany is one of the countries experiencing the dark nights. However, the vibrant life in Berlin keeps you toasty and warm. Here in this blog, we are going to explore some of the must visit locations and clubs in Berlin. If your New Year oath was to lose weight, then it is sure you can easily make it possible by exploring these places.

Berghain/Panorama Bar

It is located close to the Ostbahnhof. Panorama Bar is housed in a power plant. It is named after Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg districts in Berlin. It is one of the popular clubs in Berlin. It is the best place where drug eyed and straight eyed hedonists, non-gays, and gays can mix. You can enjoy the Techno thump and experience the specialties of Berlin at this pub. A particular feature that is worth mentioning is that the whole thing is controlled by Nest Thermostats (check the nest thermostat review) so you never feel too hot or too cold while partying. There is a small club in the upstairs of the Panorama bar.

Night Clubs 1

Berghain has been developing in the last few years. It hosts rock concerts, modern dance performances; animal collective and contemporary composers perform music concerts.

Cookies: Cookies is the best club in Berlin. It has everything like great beats, casual and hip crowd, beautiful locations, and some sense of humor. The Cookies has been renovated, and the new Cookies now collaborate with Amazing Eats. The club is happening only in Thursdays and Tuesdays. Do not bother though there are working days. Ensure to have the best time at the Cookies.

Picknick, Dorontheenstrasse 90: It is similar to other clubs in Berlin. Piknic consists of several best things like good music, an indistinctly industrial locale and best kind of feeling. It tends towards House jams and Blog House.

Watergate: It gives you a clubbier feel than other clubs you have visited. It is a good place with several attractions. The club looks fashionable and charming. It is amazing to watch the beautiful view of the Oberbaumbruecke.

Weekend: Weekend pub is situated on the twelfth floor. It provides a great panorama sight of the city. If you wish to see Berlin from the top position, then you would surely enjoy the Weekend club. The crowd is acceptable, and music is good. It is best to spend at the club until sunrise so that you can take a beautiful view of the city. The view is much clear and better than the TV tower.

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