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Best Dance Clubs in Chicago

Best Dance Clubs

If you have heard the term house music, then you should know how it came up. It was found in Chicago. One of a new club named The Warehouse gave the name. The Warehouse club does not exist, but the beats are present at various dance clubs around the town. The nightlife of Chicago is hot. Are you wondering where to go? Well, there are exciting places even in the basement.

Smart Bar

It is located in Wrigleyville. It is the best destination, especially for dance parties. It has been famous since 1982. The best part is the club holds the same recognition and popularity until now. It is a gay-friendly club. There are chances for you to come across exotic dancers, controversial icons and drag queens on the Smart Bar dance floor. Please do not enter before midnight.

The Sound Bar of River North is exclusively made for dancing. Ensure to visit the upper areas to encounter the top hip-hop in Chicago. One of the best and favorite places you have to see in Chicago is The Underground. You will be dancing to the beats of internationally popular DJ’s. So, ensure to dress to the core level best when entering the River North club. One of the best-relaxed late night destinations along the Gold Coast is The Hangge – Uppe. It is the place full of dance beats and retro music charts till top forty. It is a combination of a dance club and sports bar. Take it easy and ensure to dance until 4.00 A.M.

If you do not feel shy to party in the basements, visit Baby Atlas. You will encounter a dance party that you have never seen in your life.


Around the Rush and Division of the Gold Coast Area, you can spot several popular pubs and clubs. Wherever you look, you will bars. The majority of bars will be packed with people and remain ready for a night out. Ensure to dress to the nines to experience a real clubbing effect. The Hangge Uppe bar is open until 4.00 A.M. It remains as the best meeting spot for late night partygoers. The young age groups remain active for dancing. Just like other areas, the older crowd will show the way to the youth crowd.

At Hangge-Uppe, there are three dance floors and two levels. One-side modern tunes will be played and at the other side tunes between 1950 and 1980 will be played. There are several deals to make your night special.

Best Dance Clubs in Scottsdale

Best Dance Clubs in Scottsdale1

If you have planned to enjoy the nightlife, then it is must to enter large dance floors. It will be filled with good music and people all around. The dance clubs in Scottsdale provide an impressive range of music and ambiance. No matter you want to shake your booty or visit to watch people, the dance clubs in Scottsdale master the nightlife game. The multilevel dance emporiums, cozy lounges, crazy lights and stunning music makes the visitors enjoy the best night ever.

If you are looking to experience a classic feel, you have to visit The Mint. It is one of the popular dance clubs in the city. It features resort style cabanas, an al fresco slouch, and a champagne bar.

For a relaxed and cool night out, you need to visit Red Revolver Lounge. You will feel as though you are at home. It has a spacious dance floor where you can either dance or settle down with friends on the plush couches. It is seen throughout the club, and you can relax as you wish.

Livewire is one of the latest and hottest dance clubs in the city. The live music venue encompasses a large dance floor. You can easily spot famous and popular DJ’s in the venue and they assist in making the dance floor more lively and vibrant.
Are you thinking to party with beautiful and young people of Scottsdale? Ensure to enter Maya Day + Nightclub. It is popular for the sophisticated dance floorshows. Caged go-go girls, dancers wavering from the rafters and fire breathers occupy the entire club and express a high-octane ambiance. It will help you to remain moving high on the dance floor.

Blur Nightclub

It is one of the high-energy dance clubs in the Scottsdale. The ambiance and sleek industrial décor provide club goers a happy and enthusiastic nightclub experience. The theme of the club keeps changing frequently. It helps to maintain the environment fresh and express of a sense of spontaneity. It is sure you will have unexpected fun that you have imagined. The club has unisex bathrooms, foam machines, fog machines and lots