Best Places to Party in Lima, Peru!

Best Places to Party

The majority of pubs, bars, clubs and party venues operate until late night in Lima, Peru. If you are a person who loves to party all through the night or party for many hours, then you would enjoy Lima, Peru. Some party places will have young crowds, and some will have crowds in the age group of the thirties and bit older. Here sharing the list that provides live shows, top quality drinks, excellent music and above all lots of fun all through the night.

There are several clubs in Barranco and Miraflores like Tequilla Rock or Vale Todo. It is easy for you to visit as it is located nearby.

Etnias Bar Cultural: Etnias Bar remains as a cultural bar. The atmosphere is very strong and ensures to provide customers original live shows and ethnic art experiences. When you visit Etnias Bar, you can be aware of local artists, dance music and DJ’s and some of the best 80-90’s rock. It is not an upscale or trendy place. The prices of drinks and food are reasonable and affordable. It remains as the best choice for drinking and partying with a large group of friends and within your budget. The scenario is complete with a cheerful, a local crowd, and a grand dance floor.

Nebula: If you have been partying during the nineties period or belong to the eighties, Nebula will be your favorite dance spot. It is located in the major area of Lima. It is the oldest dance clubs and discos in Limo.

It has great recognition and respect in the city. The quality of DJ’s, style of music, and the prestige of musicians remain worth to visit here at least once. For example, Andy Rourke of The Smiths, Peter Hook of the New Order and Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins have visited Nebula pub.

Huaringas Bar: It is the most famous bars in the city. It has several socializing space ranging from the attic to the ground. The bar is specialized in serving pisco-based drinks. The bar has expanded to a new level by mixing drinks with the tropical and local fruits.

Along with the traditional pisco sour, it is recommended to try out the passionfruit pisco sour. It is prepared using cocoa leaves. It is referred as the brujo sour or witch. If you visit the bar in weekdays, you will find several locals relaxing their work. Live music is played only on weekends.